Introducing Allowance for YNAB

I’m excited to announce the first version of a new app I’ve been working on called Allowance for YNAB. Recently the team from You Need a Budget released an API allowing access to your budget data and I’ve been sitting on a few ideas that I’ve wanted for some time. The app is fairly simple: It lets you select a few budget categories that you want to monitor more closely and have them show up in places where you can easily keep tabs on them to make smarter financial decisions. [Read More]

Introducing Drop Center

Today we released the first version of our drag and drop shelf app Drop Center for iPad. It’s been a long time coming and we’re glad it’s in people’s hands! Out of the gate, it supports several great features: Support for every type of file you can throw at it. Drop multiple items at once to create collections that can be added to and reduced later. Beautiful previews of your dropped items. [Read More]