Allowance for YNAB

Your money, where you need it.

What is Allowance? Allowance for YNAB is a companion app that allows you to select categories from your budget to display in prominent locations for easy reference. Locations like our beautiful Today Widget or on your Apple Watch as a complication. You can also just open the app and your most important pinned category will always be shown first so you can get in and get out. Allowance for YNAB is useful for people in your family who just want an answer to the question “How much can I spend right now? [Read More]

Allowance for YNAB Privacy Policy

Keeping your data safe.

Information we collect Allowance for YNAB collects no data from users except usage data that might be collected by Apple should you have enabled that on your device. When authorizing your YNAB account to use Allowance for YNAB, we pass your access credentials through one of our servers in order to protect Allowance for YNAB’s API access credentials from attackers. We do not store any of your information on this server, it simply acts as a passthrough to mask sensitive data that could otherwise compromise the Allowance for YNAB app. [Read More]